Supplementary Material

This page shows schematic example videos visualizing the experimental procedure in

Michael Dorr and Peter J. Bex, Peri-saccadic natural vision, The Journal of Neuroscience 33(3):1211-1217.

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Example video that corresponds to the subject's view during the actual experiment. At random intervals, contrast is briefly incremented in a small patch in one of four locations two degrees from the current gaze position. Afterwards, a gaze-contingent red cross comes on as a response prompt. See Video S2 for additional markers indicating gaze and target position; these markers were not present during actual experiment. Note that contrast increments here are much stronger than in the actual experiment and shown for longer (600 ms instead of 50 ms), and actual stimuli were presented at higher spatio-temporal resolution (1680 by 1050 pixels, 120 Hz gaze-contingent refresh rate).


Same video as S1, but gaze position is indicated by a white square and location of the contrast increment is indicated by a bounding box. These markers are shown here for demonstration purposes only and were not present during the actual experiment.


Schematic example video for the passive condition.